Dianne Mattar

Artist Bio

Dianne Mattar If you had a second chance in life, what would you do?

For me, when an accident changed my life, I began to explore my Artistic creativity. It has become an expression of my love of God and Family and Freedom as an American.

Dianne Mattar I celebrate life through my artwork. Each piece starts with a sense of urgency, so much to do…so much to share …so much to express.

Emotion is at the base of every painting & these emotions are key in my use of color. Have studied & traveled thru-out the Caribbean, China, Europe, Australia & India just returned from volunteer service trip to Romania.

Trees of every variety and tropical foliage touch my soul, speaking to me in so many ways. Vivid colors represent life & rebirth, continual growth. Trees and all the beauty around them withstands wind, force of water & are even uprooted & blown over. However, they are the perfect example of inner strength & some even have to endure fire in order to reproduce. My art is birthed from hardships, blended with love & support as well as appreciation of the many wonderful aspects of each day.

Joyful am I, to be able to share a sense of calm, joy & hope to the viewers of my art created from my heart.