Aaron Johnson Art Event
June 10th



  custom framing

Consignment for artists and vendors.
The gallery frequently accepts consignments from both artists and vendors. For artists interested in consignment, typically we would require a portfolio of your work prior to acceptance.  After an artist submits his or her portfolio, the gallery will make the decision to carry the artist or not.  We do encourage anyone interested to apply, however due to our limited wall space and large demand of artists looking for a venue to display their artwork, many requests to show art in the gallery get denied.  Artists or vendors that are accepted will work with the gallery management to determine fair pricing and set an appropriate amount of time the gallery will display their artwork.  For more details contact the gallery to see if your artwork or products are right for the gallery.

(916) 351-1623

Consignment for customers whom wish to sell their art.

Occasionally the gallery will take consignments from customers who have purchased their artwork from us.  However, this is only available when the gallery has enough spacing to allow for it and would be held for a specified period of time.  The gallery also allows customer to submit the details of their artwork which we store in our consignment list.  This way, if a customer inquires about artwork you might have, we would contact you to see if you would be interested in the sale.  The gallery does not buy back artwork. Please contact the gallery for more information of our consignment policy.

(916) 351-1623