Scott Jacobs

Artist Bio

Scott Jacobs

Whether it's a Harley-Davidson, motorcycle, classic car, fine bottle of wine or a delicate dew covered flower, Scott's attention to detail supersedes all expectation. Every detail is perfection, right down to the reflections within reflections. Admirers are often surprised to discover that the image before them is not a photograph, but a Scott Jacobs original painting.

Three years after receiving a set of paints from his wife for Christmas, Scott became the first officially licensed Harley-Davidson artist in 1993 and still proudly holds that privilege. Added to that list are; Chevrolet, Ford, Mattel, Marilyn Monroe Estates and Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Although Jacobs drew pen-and-ink illustrations for his school newspaper, Scott began his career in art not with his painting, but by buying a failing gallery at nineteen with money he saved from working odd jobs. At twenty-one, Scott had the cash and customer base to open Reflections On Canvas Gallery in Westfield, N.J., a gallery that met with much success.

Scott's images can be seen on many objects from limited editions graphics to Franklin Mint Collector Plates, coffee mugs, beach towels, clocks and many others. 2010 saw the release of his second book, The Art of Scott Jacobs — The Complete Works. More about Scott, the man.

Scott came from humble beginnings; his father was a tool and die man who worked tirelessly in a factory to support his wife and four children. Mr. Jacobs learned early on that the key to success was undeniably linked to hard work and perseverance. He showed signs of this ethic at the young age of 12 when his lawn mowing business had grown to 42 customers. Undaunted, he simply strapped the old gas can, with his lawnmower in tow, onto his bicycle and rode up and down the neighborhood until all the jobs were completed. Scott's high school years sparked his creative side when he was persuaded into becoming the artist for the school newspaper. This was an area in which he greatly excelled and would re-immerge later in life in a big way. He realized that following his dreams meant controlling his own destiny so at the tender age of 19 he became one of the youngest art gallery owners on record. This sweat equity investment transformed into a successful business and allowed Scott take a major leap in his career path stretching all the way to the present.

After receiving a paint set as a gift from his wife Sharon, the creative juices began to flow and, as in high school, Scott started painting and drawing things that interested him like motorcycles and cars. At a major art show in New York, his ultimate dream of becoming a famous artist grew a step closer when he captured the art buying public's attention with a couple of Harley-Davidson paintings. While also getting Harley-Davidson's attention; he became their first ever officially licensed artist in 1993.

As interest in his Photo-Realist paintings grew he expanded his repertoire to include wine and spirits still-lifes, classic cars and lifestyle imagery. His artworks now hang in museums, galleries and private collections in over sixty countries. Taking his art seriously was a major turning point in Scott's success, as well as a few fortuitous real estate ventures. His career has allowed him to continue to be true to his values of personal responsibility by giving something back to his community in any way he possibly can. He has contributed his time and money to many charities over the last thirty years and hopes to continue to do the most rewarding thing he can think of: HELPING OTHERS IN NEED. This was witnessed by millions when Scott and his youngest daughter, Alexa appeared on ABC's, Secret Millionaire in June 2012.