Stella Stevens

Artist Bio

Stella Stevens is a nationally known wildlife artist. Pieces of her work reside in private, corporate and public collections around the world. Her primary medium is watercolor, however she does work in acrylic as well. Recently, she has done several small landscapes. The reception has been enthusiastic. Most of her work is by commission. In 1999, the United States Department of the Interior's Fish and Wildlife Services commissioned pieces for their Threatened Species program. Her work was used in conjuction with all educational and outreach materials. In 2001 and 2002, Stella was invited to be the Featured Artist for the California Sandhill Crane Festival. "Unison Call" was used by the Festival and California Fish and Game on all promotional materials. Another commissioned piece done specifically for this festival was the feature of the University of California Davis International Housse fall 2001 exhibition. Stella's work is highly regarded by wildlife and art experts alike. What distinguishes the work is her unique capacity to capture the soul of the animal and its anatomical authenticity. Watercolor, considered to be one of the most difficult mediums in which to work comes easily to Stella. Her rare sense of color as found in nature has resulted in many mistaking her work for photographs. Stella paints wildlife because the animal kingdom is one of her great loves in life. She has said,"By painting animals, you get to know them. You learn about their habitats, their needs for survival and how humans effect their very existence either intentionally or unintentionally. You can not just paint them. Painting wildlife has been a great learning tool for myself, my family and friends...teaching us to take care of the world around us." Art has been the center of Stella's life since she was a child. Born in Saudi Arabia while her father was working there, her talent was evident early on. A special art class was designed for her and she was asked to help select other students. For years, those around her would comment that she had to have been born with a pencil in her hand as she was never seen without one. Life did alter her course for awhile as she married and had children. A pivotal point in her life occured when travel overseas reconnected her to the world of art she loves. It was in Korea, that Stella had the opportunity to study under a master Chinese painter. It would introduce Stella to the medium that is now her hallmark...watercolor. Another influence that may have come from this period is a quiet "oneness" that is evident with every subject she paints...It is a rare quality that many of her admirers have come to treasure. Stella lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and near to her two grown children. The animal kingdom members of the family include Brandy, a rottweiler and three cats: Whiskers, Max and Yoda.