Vadik Suljakov

Artist Bio

Since arriving in the United States over a decade ago, master Russian artist Vadik Suljakov (pronounced Shul-ya-kov) has established himself as one of the most distinguished young impressionists in the country. One look at his exquisite, rich textured canvases and you understand why Suljakov's work is so highly sought-after. Suljakov, born in the cultural center of Moscow in 1960, comes from a well-known, intellectual family with many generations of artists and writers. His parents gave him an excellent home education, which included painting by the age of seven. He continued with Russia's most rigid and traditional art education and, from the age of twelve to twenty, he perfected his style of technically difficult artwork. He studied at the Moscow Graphic Art Committee and the Moscow Art Group.

In 1990, Suljakov left Russia like many other artists had done, because they were asked to tie their art to politics. He then spent a year in New York City with a group of other artists from his native Russia, working as a commercial artist. When asked how he feels about his first experience in the United States, Suljakov emphatically states, "I came to America when the time was right, when I had enough experience to express my art and thoughts on canvas."

Over the years, Suljakov has refined and perfected his vibrant, textured style, which he achieves by using both acrylic and oils together with a brush and a palette knife. Inspiration for his European images comes from his fond memories of traveling throughout the continent when he was young. He still refers to thousands of his own photographs when creating these exquisite images, right down to the smallest detail. In 1991, Suljakov relocated to Southern California, where he continues to create masterpieces -- each even more spectacular than the last.